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Date: 20/8/2013
Author: Ally Dunn
Gady folks just seen a pic of the Ameriacano David Cooke and brother Andrew at the Newbuildings v Coleraine game at the weekend with few ex team mates still looking well my friend can still picture you bowling down the hill at the 'Mallaght' those were the days!!!!!! hope you have a safe trip back to the USA and will look forward to your thoughts on NW cricket from what seen on your hols!!!
Date: 20/8/2013
Author: David Nugent
Good man Ryano

I remember Galway on a Saturday followed by Waterford on the Sunday. Broke from petrol money.
No dietitians back then, pre match meal was a packet of custard creams and a pint of milk.
Date: 20/8/2013
Author: Criketsniper
re Brian O'Sullivan
I know it comes as a revelation for some people but the Irish U15s and Leinster CU do not amount to "everything and everybody" as you suggest.

The U15 success is great and is long overdue but there is no way that the entire side was picked on ability and form alone. I have to disagree because anyone associated with the U15 tournament in any way this year, ie parent, player, avid supporter, coaches, will be able to confirm that players from the NWCU and NCU are handicapped on making the side, the LCU players are massively advantaged and it is a miracle that 3 NW players made the U15 squad this year...

I'm not denying that LCU don't have players that deserve to be on the side, but there are players on the side that if they swapped unions with their opposite numbers then they would not have made it. For example I'll go back to the young keeper Andrew Austin and I believe wholeheartedly if he played with LCU he would have walked into the Ireland U15 side without any questions asked based on his keeping abilities alone, Currie could have made the side on his batting performances at a push but if he was from the NW he would not have made the side as a keeper.
Date: 20/8/2013
Author: Fan
@ David Doey / Trevor harper, just wondering about he stats zone bonus points ? Do batsman get bonus for every landmark they reach in an innings ie 20 points for 50 runs, 50 points for 100 runs, 80points for 150 runs so hey could receive 150 bp for 1 innings? Or is it just the 80 points they receive ?
Date: 20/8/2013
Author: Stevie Lou Nicholls

The snag for me with Kevin has been a factor out of my hands. For a couple of weeks or so, I had no coverage of events, beyond Cricinfo, given that I lost ESPN when BT took it over from Virgin at the beginning of the month. I did see the highlights of the game where he got 37, since its return, but work is still insane enough to stop me doing much more.

But yes, very pleased that he's giving such a fine show of just how strong Irish cricket is. Would love to have seen Paul playing there too, but ah well...

As my Irish ancestry goes back to Kerry, and Offaly, I would love to see a strong Munster team in the Inter Pros, but it might take a while, unless the team gets some 'seeding' in some way, not sure how? But its lovely to see cricket spreading through the whole of Ireland nowadays.

lets hope that 2 weeks today, we will be celebrating another Ireland victory over the old enemy, with no mutterings about what region the players come from! Maybe?
Date: 20/8/2013
Author: LCU Watcher
LCU Possible End of Season Starring List Manipulation

Just a word of warning to those clubs involved in promotion and relegation battles down the leagues to keep an eye on starring lists. Little end of season changes could be made to strengthen teams involved in the push for promotion or the bid to avoid relegation. Hope the Powers that be keep a close eye on the starring lists going into September. Teams that are safe in a higher league should not be allowed to change their lists without any good reason, especially if it strengthens teams lower down that are involved in the business end of their league seasons.
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